Wildlife Photography 

Wildlife photography deals with taking photographs of wildlife, or non-domesticated animals. Here the focus is on nature and wild creatures. Unlike any other genre of photography, Wildlife photography can be most challenging. It’s an adventurous career that demands mental as well as physical fitness besides general aptitude for the job. If you’re a photographer who is fascinated by animals, nature and enjoy travel, Wildlife/Nature Photography can be an ideal career for you. It can be taken as part of ones hobby as well as a profession.

 Event Photography 

When you hear the phrase “Event Photography” you might think of black tie corporate events, weddings, proms and equestrian events, however event photography can also include, trade shows, local football tournaments, surf meets, fundraisers, the possibilities are literally endless. All you need is a gathering of people, the equipment and the right attitude.

 Micro Photography 

Micro photography involves taking photographs using a microscope. The technology used is similar to that of an astronomical telescope. It is used to take images of substances smaller than a grain of sand that cannot be captured by regular DSLR cameras.